ZEISS EyeMag Smart

Product information "ZEISS EyeMag Smart"
ZEISS EyeMag Smart with 2.5x magnification images anatomical structures with high color fidelity. The large field of view and high depth of field allow the entire treatment area to be displayed. When magnification is not required, the magnifier can simply be folded up for an unrestricted view. ZEISS EyeMag Smart offers flexible eyepiece adjustments for a comfortable, ergonomic fit. Adjustments are quick and easy and remain stable at all times. This makes ZEISS EyeMag Smart an excellent choice for users who need a compact and easy-to-use loupe. The medical head loupe is available with an elegant and lightweight titanium frame or a sports frame.
Frame: SMTS Titanium frame , ZEISS Sport frame
Magnification: 2.5
Operating distance: 300 mm, 350 mm, 400 mm, 450 mm, 550 mm
Size: L 56–18, M 53–20, S 50–18

Passende Lichtsysteme

ZEISS EyeMag Light II
EyeMag Light II maximizes illuminance (50 000 lx) for good detail recognition. Combined with high-quality ZEISS optics, the daylight-like LED illumination (5700 Kelvin) with homogeneous light distribution ensures an undistorted view of fine details and structures. Two powerful, rechargeable battery sets can each be used at full light intensity for approximately 4 hours. Together with the charging station, they are included in the standard delivery. This ensures virtually uninterrupted work - around the clock. The compact, mobile and ergonomic design offers optimum comfort for daily use in a wide range of applications.

BaLEDO FreeLight³
Illumination level: 35000 lx
The lightweight LED light system BaLEDO FreeLight³/S is equipped with a cordless lamp head. The special design of the lighting system distributes the low total weight evenly over the frame of the magnifying glasses. The intensity of the light cone can be adjusted in two power levels via a practical touch and dim function.

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