BaLUPO Loupes

High-quality loupes from BaLUPO

With its 2.5x magnification, our entry-level BaSICO model allows you to see in detail at working distances of 380 mm and 420 mm. The flip-up function allows the loupe attachment to be swiveled upward with a flick of the wrist for unobstructed viewing.

From €740.00*
BaLUPO easy
The BaLUPO® easy offers maximum comfort with an individually adjustable sports frame with protective function and a total weight of 40 g. These standardized magnifying glasses are ready for immediate shipment.

Modell: Sport Adivista | Color: Black | Frame: BaLUPO Sport frame | Operating distance: 400 mm | Size: S
The popular BaLUPO 1 model allows detailed work with high freedom of movement and consistently good imaging quality. The magnifying glasses offer a very good price-performance ratio and are individually optometrically adjusted by experts.

The high depth of field and large field of view of the BaLUPO 2 allow the user to move freely while maintaining good quality. A low-reflection image is ensured by the coated optics.

From €1,740.00*
The BaLUPO Mini is the TTL loupe system for the smallest pupil distances. The small TTL (through the lens) Galilei systems are extremely lightweight and feature low-reflection imaging. The small eyepieces allow a perfect view over the loupes.

From €1,740.00*
The optimum balance between detail resolution and size of the field of vision is offered by the BaLUPO 3. If refractive error is present, the carrier lenses can be adjusted to the desired viewing distance.

From €1,940.00*
High-quality design combined with high-resolution HD technology. Precision magnifying glasses in the titanium or sports frame with integrated lenses that leave nothing to be desired.

From €2,140.00*
BaLUPO ErgoLine
Color: Black Silver | Magnification: 5.0 | Operating distance: 500 mm | Size: 49–18 (Classic 1001)
The BaLUPO ErgoLine is extremely comfortable, offers excellent vision with a wide field of view at a low overall weight and a high magnification range. The view through the magnifying glasses is straight ahead and not downwards as before.

Variants from €2,390.00*