BaLUPO Loupes

High-quality loupes from BaLUPO

With its 2.5x magnification, our entry-level BaSICO model allows you to see in detail at working distances of 380 mm and 420 mm. The flip-up function allows the loupe attachment to be swiveled upward with a flick of the wrist for unobstructed viewing.

BaLUPO easy
The BaLUPO® easy offers maximum comfort with an individually adjustable sports frame with protective function and a total weight of 40 g. These standardized magnifying glasses are ready for immediate shipment.

The popular BaLUPO 1 model allows detailed work with a high degree of freedom of movement and consistently good image quality. The magnifying spectacles offer excellent value for money and are individually adjusted by experts in ophthalmic optics.

Our bestseller with 2.7x magnification is characterized by a low-reflection yet bright image. Together with the BaLUPO 1, it offers an effective introduction to our product range and to working with professional magnifying spectacles in general. The BaLUPO 2 is available in working distances of 350, 400, 450 and 500 mm, naturally adapted to you and your requirements.

The BaLUPO Mini is the instrument of choice for even more specific requirements in terms of weight and for exceptionally small pupil distances, with a competitive 2.8x magnification. Like the BaLUPO 2, the BaLUPO Mini is available in working distances of 350, 400, 450 and 500 mm.

The BaLUPO 3 offers the optimum balance between detail resolution and the size of the field of vision. If the wearer has defective vision, the lenses can be adjusted to the desired visual distance.

High-quality design combined with high-resolution HD technology. Precision magnifying spectacles in a titanium or sports frame with integrated lenses that leave nothing to be desired.

Das keplersche Lupenbrillensystem BaLUPO 4K bietet Behandlern hervorragende Abbildungseigenschaften und optimale Schärfentiefe bei noch höheren Vergrößerungen. Über das gesamte Sichtfeld ist eine scharfe und kontrastreiche Abbildung gewährleistet.

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