BaLEDO Lights

Light system from BaLEDO

BaLEDO FreeLight³
The lightweight LED light system BaLEDO FreeLight³/S is equipped with a cordless lamp head. The special design of the lighting system distributes the low total weight evenly over the frame of the magnifying glasses. The intensity of the light cone can be adjusted in two power levels via a practical touch and dim function.

€990.00* €1,190.00* (16.81% saved)
BaLEDO PowerLight²
BaLEDO PowerLight² is a mobile LED light - small, lightweight and with high luminosity with a homogeneous, sharply defined light cone. The intensity is continuously adjustable via a digital dimmer. The BaLEDO PowerLight² is powered by new powerful and intelligent polymer-based rechargeable batteries, enabling a runtime of up to 6 hours.

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