ZEISS EyeMag Light II

Product information "ZEISS EyeMag Light II"
EyeMag Light II maximizes illuminance (50 000 lx) for good detail recognition. Combined with high-quality ZEISS optics, the daylight-like LED illumination (5700 Kelvin) with homogeneous light distribution ensures an undistorted view of fine details and structures. Two powerful, rechargeable battery sets can each be used at full light intensity for approximately 4 hours. Together with the charging station, they are included in the standard delivery. This ensures virtually uninterrupted work - around the clock. The compact, mobile and ergonomic design offers optimum comfort for daily use in a wide range of applications.
Color of light: 5700 K
Illumination level: 50000 lx


EyeMag Light II Replacement Battery 2.0
Single replacement battery for the ZEISS EyeMag Light II, rechargeable. ATTENTION: The replacement battery 2.0 is only compatible with the charging station 2.0!

EyeMag Light II control unit
Single control unit for the ZEISS EyeMag Light II for control, incl. dimming function of the LED - with belt clip.

Kabelclip Set EyeMag Light II
Two individual cable clips for the ZEISS STMS system carrier and the ZEISS EyeMag Light II.

Orangefilter EyeMag Light II
The retractable orange filter for EyeMag Light II prevents premature curing of restorative materials.

LED Headlamp EyeMag Light II
Powerful LED light source for bright illumination of the entire field of view.

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