Product information "BaLUPO Mini"
The BaLUPO Mini is the TTL loupe system for the smallest pupil distances. The small TTL (through the lens) Galilei systems are extremely lightweight and feature low-reflection imaging. The small eyepieces allow a perfect view over the loupes.
Color: Black, gun c02, Silver, Matt Black, Red, matt gold c18, Black Silver, White
Frame: BaLUPO Sport frame, BaLUPO Titanium frame
Magnification: 2.8
Operating distance: 350 mm, 400 mm, 450 mm, 500 mm
Size: 49–18 (Classic 1001), 51–19 (Classic 1002), 53–20 (Classic 1003), 58–21 (Classic 1005), L, S

Passende Lichtsysteme

BaLEDO FreeLight²
Illumination level: 35000 lx
The lightweight LED light system BaLEDO FreeLight²/S is equipped with a cordless lamp head. The special design of the lighting system distributes the low total weight evenly over the frame of the magnifying glasses. The intensity of the light cone can be adjusted in two power levels via a practical touch and dim function.

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